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IPL 2021 Live Cricket Score, PBKS vs CSK: Chennai Super Kings Lose Ruturaj Gaikwad In Chase Of 107 vs Punjab Kings | Cricket News

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PBKS vs CSK Live Score: Deepak Chahar celebrates a wicket during Match 8.© BCCI/IPL

In response to a target of 107 runs, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are a wicket down vs Punjab Kings (PBKS) in Match 8 of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 season, at the Wankhede Stadium on Friday. Faf du Plessis and Moeen Ali are currently batting for CSK, and are trying to gain stability. Arshdeep Singh has taken a wicket for Punjab. Earlier, PBKS wrapped up their innings at 106 for eight in 20 overs. The Punjab franchise had a poor start, losing early wickets. Opener KL Rahul could only muster five runs, and his opening partner Mayank Agarwal was dismissed for a two-ball duck. Shahrukh Khan made the only noteworthy contribution for Punjab, scoring 47 off 36 balls, before getting dismissed in the final over. Deepak Chahar was in top form for CSK, taking four wickets. Meanwhile, Sam Curran, Moeen Ali and Dwayne Bravo registered a dismissal each. (LIVE SCORECARD)

IPL 2021 Match 8 Live Cricket Score And Updates Between Punjab Kings (PBKS) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) from Wankhede Stadium

  • 21:52 (IST)


    Ashwin tosses a flat googly, and Moeen outside edges it past Gayle at slip for a four!

  • 21:50 (IST)


    A short delivery by Arshdeep, outside off. Moeen launches it over short midwicket for a four!

  • 21:47 (IST)

    One run

    A slow offcutter by Arshdeep, and Du Plessis guides it to deep third man for a single.

  • 21:46 (IST)

    FOUR! CSK: 32/1

    A length delivery by Meredith, outside off. Moeen smacks it between cover point and point for a four!

    After six overs, CSK are 32 for one.

    They need 75 from 84 balls!

  • 21:45 (IST)


    A full delivery by Meredith, outside off. Ali drives it between covers and mid-off for a four!

  • 21:40 (IST)

    OUT! Ruturaj Gaikwad c Deepak Hooda Arshdeep Singh 5 (16)

    A short delivery by Arshdeep, outside off. Gaikwad tries to pull it, but it goes straight to Hooda at deep midwicket.

    CSK need 83 from 90 balls!

    In walks, Moeen Ali.

  • 21:35 (IST)


    A length delivery by Richardson, outside off. Du Plessis scoops it over short fine leg for a six!

  • 21:33 (IST)


    Back of a length by Richardson, and Du Plessis slams it to the fine leg boundary for a four!

  • 21:33 (IST)


    A length delivery by Richardson, and Du Plessis charges down the track to smack it between mid-off and cover. FOUR!

    First boundary of CSK’s innings!

  • 21:31 (IST)

    One run, CSK: 8/0 | NEED 99 FROM 102 BALLS

    A full delivery by Shami, outside off. Du Plessis hits it into the covers for a single.

    After three overs, CSK are eight for no loss. They need 99 from 102 balls.

  • 21:29 (IST)

    One run

    Back of a length by Shami, outside off. Gaikwad guides it down to deep third man for a single.

  • 21:26 (IST)

    One run

    A length delivery by Richardson, wide outside off. Gaikwad mishits it, and it goes in the air, landing safely. One run.

  • 21:24 (IST)

    No run

    A length delivery by Richardson, on middle and leg. Gaikwad glances it to mid-on. No run.

  • 21:22 (IST)

    No run

    A straighter delivery by Shami, and it hits Gaikwad on his back thigh. Shami appeals, but the umpire is unmoved. No run.

  • 21:20 (IST)

    One run

    Back of a length by Shami, on middle and leg. Du Plessis guides it behind square leg for a single.

  • 21:19 (IST)

    No run


    A good delivery by Shami, and it hits he pads of Du Plessis. A little too high!

  • 21:18 (IST)

    One run

    Shami pitches it up, on off stump. Gaikwad inside edges it to mid-on for a single.

  • 21:17 (IST)

    The action resumes!

    Faf du Plessis to open for CSK, alongwith Ruturaj Gaikwad. Mohammed Shami to bowl for PBKS.

  • 20:59 (IST)

    One run, PBKS: 106/8 | TARGET: 107

    A good delivery by Curran, and Shami hits it in the air to third man, but Moeen can’t get there. One run.

    PBKS wrap up their innings at 106 for eight after 20 overs. The target for CSK is 107.

  • 20:56 (IST)

    Two runs

    A length delivery by Curran, on middle. Shami guides it to deep midwicket for two runs.

  • 20:55 (IST)

    OUT! Shahrukh Khan c Ravindra Jadeja b Sam Curran 47 (36)


    A short delivery by Curran, outside off. Shahrukh pulls it but ends up top edging it in the air. It goes to Jadeja, who runs in from deep midwicket for a simple catch.

    In walks, Riley Meredith.

  • 20:52 (IST)

    Two runs, PBKS reach the 100-run mark

    A low full toss by Bravo, on middle. Shami hits it to the left of deep midwicket for two runs. A good dive by Mooen in the outfield to stop the ball.

  • 20:49 (IST)

    FOUR! PBKS: 96/7

    A short delivery by Thakur, outside off. Shahrukh top-edges it over Dhoni’s head for a four! He was trying to go for the pull shot.

    After 18 overs, PBKS are 96 for seven.

  • 20:45 (IST)

    One run

    A length delivery by Thakur, outside off. Shahrukh hits it to the right of sweeper cover for a single.

  • 20:43 (IST)

    OUT! Murugan Ashwin c Faf du Plessis b Dwayne Bravo 6 (14)

    Back of a length by Bravo, outside off. Ashwin hits it straight to Du Plessis in the outfield for a catch. Couldn’t get past long-off.

    In walks, Mohammed Shami.

  • 20:42 (IST)


    A slow delivery by Bravo, outside off. Shahrukh smacks it straight of long-on for a four!

  • 20:37 (IST)

    One run, PBKS: 81/6

    A slower delivery by Thakur, wider. Ashwin hits it through the cover-point area for a single.

    After 16 overs, PBKS are 81 for six!

  • 20:34 (IST)


    A short ball by Thakur, outside off. Shahrukh pulls it over midwicket with ease for a four!

  • 20:33 (IST)

    Two runs

    A short and wide delivery by Thakur, and Shahrukh cuts it to the right of sweeper cover for two runs.

  • 20:31 (IST)


    Moeen tosses up a off-break delivery, on middle. Shahrukh slog-sweeps it over midwicket for a six!

  • 20:28 (IST)

    One run

    Jadeja tosses up a slower delivery, outside off. Shahrukh guides it to cover for a single.

  • 20:26 (IST)

    OUT! Jhye Richardson b Moeen Ali 15 (22)

    Moeen tosses it full, on middle. Richardson misses the pull shot totally, and it hits the stumps.

    In walks, M Ashwin.

  • 20:22 (IST)


    Jadeja tosses it short, spinning away outside off. Richardson punches it through extra cover for a four!

  • 20:21 (IST)

    One run, PBKS: 52/5

    A short delivery by Moeen, Richardson hits it towards midwicket for a single.

    After 11 overs, PBKS are 52 for five.

  • 20:19 (IST)

    One run

    Jadeja tosses it full, on leg stump. Shahrukh glances it to deep square for a single.

  • 20:14 (IST)


    Thakur offers a lot of width in this delivery, and Shahrukh drives it on the back foot, through extra cover. FOUR!

  • 20:13 (IST)

    One run

    A full delivery by Thakur, outside off. Richardson drives it to deep point for a single.

  • 20:12 (IST)


    A full delivery by Thakur, on the pads. Richardson guides it towards deep midwicket for a four!

  • 20:12 (IST)


    A short ball by Jadeja, and Shahrukh goes on the back foot to pull it over deep midwicket for a six!

  • 20:08 (IST)

    No run, PBKS: 26/5

    A wicket and a maiden over for Chahar, and his spell comes to an end!

    A length delivery, and Richardson hits it into the covers.

    After seven overs, PBKS are 26 for five.

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